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By Mark Korducki December was another mild month, continuing the trend of 2021. Lakes and ponds froze up later than normal and there was still a lot of open water during the Christmas Bird Count period. There were a few significant snowstorms in central and northern Wisconsin and very strong winds, which may have brought in a few rare birds. Jeremy Meyer ( Read More   

By Tom Schultz On Sunday, January 9, WSO held its first field trip of the year, with 27 birders gathering at South Shore Yacht Club at 8:00 AM.  Although the initial temperature was around 24 degrees, it felt much colder with a 15-25 mph NW wind ushering in a strong cold front.  The temperature fell through the morning, eventually dropping to 12 degrees, with the brutal wind... Read More   

  By Mary Korkor WSO President     2021 was supposed to be the year we returned to normal, but as we all know now… there seems to be a “new normal.”     Sometimes, a new normal means improved outreach, better communication, consistent follow-through and more opportunity for impact. That is how I am feeling about 2022, with the addition of our new... Read More   

By Jennifer Lazewski Executive Director Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Happy New Year! I am looking forward to sharing 2022 with you in my first full year as WSO’s executive director. While my first few months have been spent mostly working with WSO leaders and getting to better know others in the Wisconsin birding community, I am ready for outreach and action now. We will be discovering... Read More   

By Mark Korducki     November started out quite mild but quickly turned to more seasonal temperatures with a few light snowfalls in some parts of the state. There was a pattern of strong westerly winds that can be conducive to bringing rarities to the state. Overall it was a good month of birding with some exciting finds. The highlight of the month was a Ross's Gull found Nov. 27... Read More   

  By Dar Tiede WSO Store Manager WSO is pleased to announce two additions to our store offerings. Current inventory for each of these new items is limited to about 20 and restocking before Christmas is unlikely given current delivery times. We plan to restock these items during 2022 as needed.  Please place your order as soon as possible for delivery before Christmas. We will do our... Read More   

   The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology is a statewide organization with over 1,100 members that is dedicated to fostering a love of birds through research, conservation advocacy, and educational outreach. For more than 80 years the WSO has been the state’s go-to organization for the study of birds. Each year the WSO awards grants to researchers who are working diligently... Read More   

In an Oct. 17th report to the WSO Board of Directors, the Society’s Conservation Committee, chaired by Carl Schroeder, reported that is acting on or monitoring these issues: Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund: The KN Stewardship Fund was reauthorized for four years by the State Legislature and signed by the governor on July 8 at an annual funding level of $33.25 million. While this is less than... Read More   

By Mark Korducki October continued the above normal temperature pattern we have seen throughout the year. At this point it has been the warmest autumn on record. Perhaps due to this mild weather, the birding was a bit slow from a rarity standpoint. The most exciting report came in from the western part of the state when Barn Owls were confirmed nesting for the first time in more than 20... Read More