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By Mark Korducki   May was an exciting month.  It began with strong southwesterly winds that pushed temperatures into the upper 80s in southern Wisconsin.  A rush of warblers and other migrants came along with it.  The second week of the month saw a return to colder temperatures and persistent north winds that slowed migration to a halt.  A return to a southerly air flow... Read More   

By Carl Schwartz Badger Birder Editor       The WSO Board of Directors has taken another major step toward its goal of making the state’s leading bird conservation organization more impactful in both the short and long term. Meeting on May 23, the board  unanimously adopted a set of recommendations from the Conservation Consulting Group that will lead to the hiring of... Read More   

The latest episode of Discover Wisconsin features interviews with two of the WSO’s own!  The episode focuses on the city of Janesville and its outdoor attractions.  Board Member, Quentin Yoerger, and Member and UW-Whitewater Professor, Tom Klubertanz introduce viewers to birding opportunities in the city, and explain how important it is to protect vital bird... Read More   

  The Dawn Chorus at White River Marsh State Wildlife Area (photo credit: Tom Schultz) Saturday, May 1st, our group of 22 gathered in The White River Marsh State Wildlife Area around 5:00 AM. Compared to the temperatures of the week leading up to our trip, it felt chilly. The temperature started out at about 42 degrees with moderate winds out of the south and southwest around 15-25 mph... Read More   

  In its April 10th quarterly report to WSO’s Board of Directors, the organization’s Conservation Committee outlined the issues that it is acting on or monitoring: Lobbying License: WSO has registered as a lobbyist with the State of Wisconsin at a level that limits spending to less than $500. If or when necessary, WSO can relicense for an additional $355, which then permits spending... Read More   

By Mark Korducki April was dry and very mild.  The month began with temperatures in the 70s in the southern part of the state.  At the end of the month, several southern locations reached the lower 80s before a cold front moved in.  These conditions produced an early leaf-out and a wave of spring migrants that were at least a few days ahead of schedule.   Photo by Tom... Read More   

By Sunil Gopalan WSO Vice President In February, WSO’s Board of Directors announced its intention to hire an administrative assistant as our first staff position. I am excited that we had many excellent and qualified candidates respond to the call we put out later that month. We are humbled by and grateful to everyone who reached out and expressed an interest in helping WSO with this new phase... Read More   

By Mary Korkor WSO President   Every year, as May approaches, I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. Migration is in full swing, gardens are coming alive with new growth and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I wish to do. But this year is truly special. Yes, I am excited about the birds, and also my prairie which was just burned, but most importantly I am... Read More   

By Mark Korducki In sharp contrast to a cold and snowy February, March was warmer and dryer than normal. These warmer temperatures ushered in a wave of early spring migrants. Waterfowl dominated the scene, highlighted by a colorful drake Eurasian Wigeon in Kewaunee County. A showy male Harlequin Duck was found in Sheboygan. This may have been the same bird than wintered in Port... Read More   

This year’s outing was held, Saturday, 4/17/2021.  We had 17 attendees from across the state.  The weather was nice and sunny, a bit cool and crisp. Temperatures were in the low to mid 40s.  For the 17 attendees a great time was had by all.   Leading our car caravan to our first stop, County Line Rd, we expected to see the few remaining Greater Prairie Chickens on the... Read More