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  The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) established the Honey Creek Nature Preserve with the first land purchase in 1960, followed by additional purchases during the 60s and 70s. About 300 acres have been protected for a few decades and with the Dischler property of 104 acres purchased in 2017, WSO is protecting now over 400 acres.  More than 500 native plant species have been... Read More   

WSO seeking nominations for 2020 Passenger Pigeon Awards (BIG NEWS! The nomination process has been SIMPLIFIED!) Each fall, the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology announces their annual appeal for Passenger Pigeon Award nominations—and this year the process has been simplified. Yes indeed, based on a number of reasons (mostly) related to improving the process, we have created a nomination... Read More   

The 120th Audubon Christmas Bird Count season is almost upon us, and hopefully birders everywhere will be flocking to participate! This annual event is the longest-running citizen science project in our nation, and the accumulated data has provided bird researchers with vast amounts of population trend and distribution information. WSO helped to establish many of the some 110 Christmas Bird... Read More   

-By Nancy Nabak (WSO 2020 Convention Chair)- Thursday night of the 2020 WSO Convention is going to be a grand evening like never before. We’ll start with our traditional picnic – greeting old friends and having an opportunity to meet and make new ones. This is a time to socialize, meet members of WSO’s Board of Directors and ask questions, and get familiar with Two Rivers, the community... Read More   

Port Washington -- The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory has named Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Vanderberg as its new science director. Phillips-Vanderberg is a Ph.D. biologist with extensive experience conducting ornithological research. For the last two years, she has worked as a life scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago, addressing pollution-control issues in... Read More   

WSO is pleased to offer you the ability to renew your annual membership safely and securely online. Just go to and click on the RENEW tab. Please review your member profile and verify that your contact information is correct. To make membership even easier, WSO has recently implemented a new auto-renew feature. When you renew you can update your profile and membership... Read More   

“Great Birding on a Great Lake” is the 2020 WSO Convention theme, and the convention planning committee is planning an active and educational conference in Two Rivers. “We’re going to offer a few new options for next year’s convention and take advantage of the fact that we’re on Lake Michigan,” said Nancy Nabak, convention chair. Field trips, the hallmark of a WSO convention, will... Read More   

-By Carrie Becker (WBBA II Communications Chair)- Madison – Volunteers and organizers wrapped up Wisconsin’s 5-year statewide breeding bird survey with an exciting photo finish: volunteer Aaron Haycraft sighted a Glossy Ibis pair and their young at Horicon Marsh, the first time this Atlantic Coast bird has been documented nesting in Wisconsin. The Glossy Ibis discovery in August brought to... Read More   

-Written by Tom Schultz- Birders began arriving well before our 8:00 AM start time, under sunny skies and with the temperature around 50 degrees. We gathered on a grassy area near the lower parking lot at Harrington Beach State Park and started watching the bird activity in the nearby trees and bushes. It turned out that we had a fantastic attendance of birders, with about 45 showing... Read More   

-This article was compiled from reports by The Atlantic and American Bird Conservancy- In the early afternoon of Sept. 1, 1914, Martha the Passenger Pigeon, the last of her kind in the world, passed away, and her entire species disappeared with her. But before that instant of extinction, there had been decades of decline, as hunters killed what was once the most common bird in the world.... Read More