Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

WSO holds an annual convention that typically features half- and full-day birding field trips, presentations, skills workshops and a banquet dinner with a featured speaker. The location of the convention differs each year in order to highlight the rich bird diversity of our state.

The 79th annual convention is set for May 18-21 in Green Lake. Field trips will visit places like White River Marsh and Grand River Marsh State Wildlife Areas, Puchyan Marsh, Mascoutin Trail Wetland, Germania Marsh as well as a number of local conservancy properties, several of which are right on the GLCC grounds. A little farther afield, Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge and the Buena Vista Grasslands are both within a reasonable driving distance – especially for the all-day field trips.

The convention should coincide with the heart of spring migration, so besides the many breeding species we expect to find in the wetlands, prairies and woodland habitats we visit, there should also be a good variety of warblers, thrushes and other migrants passing through.


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