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Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Youth Projects

The WSO Education Committee strives to further the appreciation of birds and bird-related issues among Wisconsin’s youth. We accomplish this by providing financial support to students wishing to pursue bird projects, as well as providing the tools and materials needed to study Wisconsin birds. We also highlight bird watching opportunities for youth in our monthly newsletter and on our events calendar. For more information or to become a member of the Education Committee, please contact Ed Hahn, Education Committee Co-Chair;

WSO Youth Grant

WSO recognizes the importance of fostering an appreciation of birds amongst Wisconsin’s youth. This grant may be used towards youth projects pertaining to bird research or bird education. The youth grant has provided funding for such diverse projects as building Wood Duck nest boxes, purchasing school bird feeders, studying turkey habitat and life history, and purchasing bird books for school classrooms.

Youth Membership Level

WSO offers a reduced membership rate for students to encourage greater youth involvement in the organization. All full-time students are eligible for the student discount.

Bird TV

Bird TV is a series of educational videos covering topics related to wild birds. The episodes feature original images and video of Wisconsin birds collected by some of the state's finest photographers. The series is written and produced by Steve Betchkal in conjunction with WSO.

Summer Bird Camp

WSO sponsors a summer bird camp for youth in partnership with the Urban Ecology Center of Milwaukee. Campers armed with binoculars and field guides search land and water ecosystems by foot and canoe to learn about the secret lives of birds. Participants also help ornithologists to catch, band, and release birds at a local research field station. At the completion of the one-week day camp, each student receives a bird field guide and a pair of binoculars.