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Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.


The Passenger Pigeon Journal

THE PASSENGER PIGEON, WSO’s flagship publication, is a quarterly journal featuring a wide range of articles on Wisconsin birds, seasonal field sightings, and scientific research reports. Questions on article submissions can be directed to the editor.

Editor: Robert Jadin

Seasonal Editors:


The journal features photographs and images of artwork of birds seen in Wisconsin and requests submissions from the community for possible inclusion in the publication. Artist Submission Guidelines.

In 2014, WSO introduced a peer-reviewed science section to the journal in order to attract more representatives of the academic community. We are especially interested in submissions from undergraduate and graduate students from Wisconsin institutions and from citizen scientists. Peer Review Guidelines.

The deadlines for article submission to the Passenger Pigeon journal are: Winter - August 1; Spring - December 1; Summer - March 1; Fall - April 15.

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The Badger Birder Newsletter

THE BADGER BIRDER is an 11-issue per year newsletter that covers WSO events and activities, conservation issues, and other bird-related news. Features may include bookstore specials, committee reports, identification and birding tips, interesting bird sightings, and conservation topics. Please contact editor at for submissions to the newsletter. 

Are you interested to advertise in the Badger Birder newsletter, which reaches more than 1,400 members of the state's birding community? If so, more information on advertising rates can be found here.

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Beyond the Bird Feeder: Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard with Native Wisconsin Plants

This 14-page booklet developed by WSO and published by the Natural Resources Foundation is a great resource to help you enhance your yard for birds and other wildlife. Learn why you should landscape with native plants and which plants are the best for attracting birds to your yard.

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