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Jaegerfest 2022 - 24 years!

Sunrise Birding Sept 23, 2022 Photo: Tom Schultz   By Tom Schultz WSO Field Trips Committee This was another “unofficial” Jaegerfest weekend for WSO, but many members attended – as we have annually since we started this field trip to Wisconsin Point in 1999 – so this was the event’s 24th year!     This report begins on Thursday Sept. 22, since that day provided... Read More   

Bay Beach Field Trip 2022 – Sept. 10

Attendees arrived at Bay Beach wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay under cloudy skies, with a cold front just arriving.  Rain heading our way from the northwest, but fortunately the morning remained dry.  The temperature was in the mid-60s, and the wind was from the north about 5-10 mph. 7:00 AM was our meeting time, and we gathered along one of the lagoons not far from the parking... Read More   

Visual concert in the night sky to happen soon

Wisconsin Chimney Swift Working Group You are invited to a free evening concert in nature. The performers are the Chimney Swifts, and they will be chittering and twittering above chimneys in the evening sky before they roost for the night this fall. These birds are getting ready to migrate south, all the way to the Amazon, and when they do they become communal. This is where the show begins. Some... Read More   

Big Birding Bash was a big success

By Jennifer Lazewski WSO Executive Director The first Big Birding Bash was a resounding success as a spring migration bird counting effort with fun local gatherings of birders. On May 21-22, over 300 participants in 59 counties observed 244 bird species. This effort included birders through the state with eBird checklists done that weekend. We asked that everyone share their checklists with... Read More   

Horicon Field Trip Report 2022

Birding on the Auto Tour- photo by TOM SCHULTZ Cloudy skies and occasional drizzle were encountered by birders heading to Horicon on the morning of 8/14, but fortunately our field trip was dry.  It was a cool day, however, with the temperatures ranging from 63 – 67 degrees, and a light NE wind.  The 25 attendees gathered along Hwy. 49 at 7:00 AM and started scanning the marsh. The... Read More   

Mid-Summer Rare Birds Brown Booby a likely new state record!

Jim Edlhuber photographed this Brown Booby on Aug. 11 in La Crosse. For more: By Mark KorduckiIn the days just before this article went to press, Wisconsin birders were flocking to what would be a new state record, pending approval of the WSO Records Committee. On Aug. 9, A Brown Booby was... Read More   

WSO’s Quarterly Journal is in Jeopardy, Needs Volunteers

WSO’s Passenger Pigeon has been the best representation of WSO’s commitment to unite academic avian study with bird enthusiasts ready to assist in scientific research. Since 1939, the journal has been publishing research on Wisconsin’s birds and information on bird studies and sightings throughout the state. That history is longer and richer than the Atlas work that many of you value so... Read More   

5 Cautionary Tips to Document Birds ID'd by Merlin App

By Jason Thiele Wisconsin eBird Team The Cornell Lab’s Merlin Bird ID app for smart phones is a game changer in the birding world, especially for its sound identification feature. But like any new technology, it’s not perfect, meaning eBirders should be careful not to report birds identified only by the app. Birding, like virtually every other pastime, has been greatly influenced by... Read More   

Great Wisconsin Birdathon soars, raising $117,000 for birds

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon gave away a copy of Wingspan, the popular bird-themed board game, and the winner was one of our newest family teams from Wood County, the Round Barn Birders! They birded all season long, exploring new places and finding new birds together as a family. Photo courtesy of their team captain, Lisa Kowalski. By Caitlyn Schuchhardt Outreach Coordinator Natural Resources... Read More   

Summer Rare Birds: Cassin’s Kingbird would be a new state record

Dan Belter photographed what has been identified as a Cassin’s Kingbird in Marathon County on June 5. By Mark Korducki The exciting spring for rarities continued into early June. In Marathon County, a trip to search for Dickcissels turned up a much more exciting surprise for a Wausau birder. An unusual flycatcher was photographed and subsequently identified as a Cassin's Kingbird. If... Read More   

Action Alert: Support a ban on lead use on National Wildlife Refuges

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to open or expand hunting and/or sport fishing on 19 National Wildlife Refuges. In addition, they are proposing to ban the use of lead on these newly opened refuge lands. This ban on lead would include upland game hunting, big game hunting, as well as sport fishing.  While none of the proposed refuges are in Wisconsin, it is still important for... Read More