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Reopened WSO Bookstore features new ABA state guide

With appropriate pandemic precautions now in place, WSO has officially reopened its newly-remodeled Bookstore.

Orders can be placed from the WSO website at  or by mail using the updated order form that appears on Page 14 of this issue of The Badger Birder.

The online storefront is all new and now allows you to order multiple quantities of items with automatically calculated shipping costs.

In time for holiday giving, the Bookstore has added to its offerings the ABA Field Guide To Birds of Wisconsin. This  368-page flex-cover publication carries 479 color photographs featuring 299 species in natural habitats. Published in 2019, the guide was written by Charles Hagner, the former editor of BirdWatching magazine who now is director of Bird City Wisconsin and board chair at the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory.

The Bookstore also is offering special discounts on its remaining stock of the first Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s Favorite Bird Haunts.

WSO launches apparel store

WSO also has launched a new webstore through  Redbubble, a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products featuring original artwork.  This new connection – linked through our online store --  features iconic designs by renowned avian artist Tom Schultz, co-chair of the WSO Field Trips Committee.

Initial offerings include a design Tom produced in 2016 for Jaegerfest, our annual field trip to Wisconsin Point for a weekend of jaegers, gulls, terns, waterbirds and passerines. Another features the Pileated Woodpecker image created by Tom for the 2010 WSO Convention in Sturgeon Bay.

Available products with these designs include a variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as stickers, magnets, mugs and, of course, face masks.

SALES Convention 2010 T shirt Pileated Sturgeon Bay small

30% discount at Princeton Press

WSO members can now enjoy a 30% discount on all bird-related books and products from Princeton University Press, a leading publisher of high quality, authoritative bird guides and books.

Princeton's list includes Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle's The Warbler Guide; The Crossley ID Guide series; Brian Wheeler's Birds of Prey series; authoritative field guides to the birds of Panama, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, India, Peru, Australia, Hawaii, Chile, Western Africa, Borneo and much more.

Princeton also distributes books, calendars, flashcards, apps and other items from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and your WSO discount also will work with these items.

You can explore their full list of bird- related books on their website:  Search under Subjects for “birds.” Then use our special code when you check out: WSO30.

To promote this new partnership, we offered a copy of Princeton’s new book Understanding Bird Behavior: An Illustrated Guide to What Birds to and Why.

The winner is Lowell Suring of Suring in Oconto County. He is principal wildlife ecologist at Northern Ecologic L.L.C., a natural resource consulting company with expertise in wildlife and fish-habitat relationships and the development of strategies to manage these resources.


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