Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

An exciting conference focusing on "aerial insectivores" -- that would be all those birds you see swooping through the air in pursuit of insects -- is being planned for Friday and Saturday, Sept. 7-8, somewhere in south central or southeast Wisconsin.

Save the date! And please watch the Badger Birder and the websites of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and Bird City Wisconsin for more information.

This will be the third joint WBCI Annual Meeting and Bird City Summit and will feature the latest research on Chimney Swifts, Purple Martins, nighthawks, swallows, perhaps some of our flycatchers, and maybe even some bats.

Most of these species are in decline, but there are many positive steps that individuals can take to help them thrive.

WBCI Chair Karen Etter Hale said organizers are hoping to hold at least a couple of Swift Night Out events as part of the conference. “If you haven't yet witnessed dozens - or hundreds - of swifts going to roost in the evening, this event may be your chance,” Etter Hale said. ” We hope you will join us. Together, we can make a difference.”