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Members urged to nominate for Passenger Pigeon Awards

Wendy Schultz chairs the WSO Awards Committee and has been on a mission to personally present the Passenger Pigeon Awards that normally would have been handed out during the annual conventions that were cancelled due to COVID.

WSO is accepting nominations through Dec. 31 for its annual Passenger Pigeon Awards. A nomination form can be completed and submitted online at The web site also includes lists of all past recipients of seven major awards.

Give special thought to those ornithologists, bird watchers, conservation workers, volunteers or organizations you feel deserve statewide recognition. If you have nominated someone in the past who was not selected, feel free to re-submit the nomination as many factors get considered when the board selects awardees and the slates of nominees can vary a lot from year to year.

With the exception of the Hospitality Award, all 2020, 2021 and 2022 award recipients will be formally recognized at the 2023 WSO Convention, scheduled for May 19-21 in Waukesha County.