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Join WSO flock for Birds in Art event - RSVP by Oct 10

Join your fellow bird lovers on Tuesday night Oct. 18 as WSO flocks togethers with the Wausau Bird Club at the Birds in Art 2022 exhibit in Wausau at the Woodson Art Museum. The 47th annual, internationally renowned exhibition features bird paintings, sculptures and graphics by 118 artists.

The donations-optional event will start with a guided tour of part of the exhibit at 5 p.m. and include a reception at the museum after the tour.  We hope to see you there!

Stay for more bird talk on Wednesday Oct 19 in Stevens Point.  There will be a bird walk Wednesday morning (Location TBD) and a fabulous opportunity to tour UW-Stevens Point Ornithology Collection with Biology professor Dr. Robert Jadin followed by a talk by raptor expert, Dr Robert Rosenfield on Cooper's Hawks. Detailed event information below.

Come for one or all of the events! Please RSVP by Oct. 10  



"Birds in Art" Exhibit, Raptor Talk and a

Tour of the UWSP Ornithology Collection

Exhibit Tour and Reception at Woodson Art Museum

On Tuesday October 18 at 5-7 p.m. we are offering a joint tour and reception of the “Birds in Art” annual exhibit at the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau with the Wausau Bird Club. The 47th annual, internationally-renowned exhibition features bird paintings, sculptures, and graphics by 118 artists. The Museum will host a tour through part of the exhibit and a reception for our group after the tour.

Bird Walk

On Wednesday October 19, we plan to start the day with a birding walk or other event. The time and location have not been finalized yet, but we will let you know as soon as they have been.

UWSP Program

On Wednesday October 19 from 12-2:30 p.m WSO members will have a special opportunity at UW-Stevens Point.  We will review some of the ornithology collection from the Museum of Natural History with Dr. Robert Jadin and raptor expert Dr. Robert Rosenfield will present a program on Cooper's Hawks. 

UW-Stevens Point Ornithology Collection Tour

With over 3,000 specimens, the ornithology collection at the UWSP Museum of Natural History is among the most heavily utilized teaching and research collections in the state. Access to this outstanding collection is one reason why UWSP can teach one of the largest sections of ornithology in the country. 

Dr. Robert Jadin is the Curator of the Ornithology Collection and a Lecturer in Biology. His areas of research are biodiversity informatics, herpetology, and systematics. Although he typically works on snakes, he is an avid birder and has been conducting a long-term migratory bird window collision study.

The Cooper's Hawk: A Hawk for Our Time

Dr. Robert Rosenfield will present on what long-term data reveal about the natural history and ecology of nesting Cooper’s Hawks. An intrepid raptor that has seemingly welcomed an urban lifestyle while also exhibiting a common presence in traditional forested habitat across North America. This talk will stress the import of natural history, seemingly a dying discipline of Biology.

Dr. Robert N. Rosenfield is Professor of Ecology in the Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he teaches Ecology, Ornithology, and Raptor Ecology. He has won several awards for his scholarship and teaching. Dr. Rosenfield is widely recognized as a world authority on the Cooper's Hawk with 43-years ongoing research of the population, behavioral, and molecular aspects of nesting Cooper's Hawks. His research with raptors began with capturing and banding migratory hawks, falcons, and owls at the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota in 1973. He has published over 120 scientific journal articles, monographs, and technical reports on birds, including over 70 papers and one book on the Cooper's Hawk



It is important to let us know if you are coming so we can plan for group size and space.Questions about the event? Email  or the WSO phone number 262-204-7242.