Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

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By Dar Tiede
WSO Store Manager

WSO is pleased to announce two additions to our store offerings. Current inventory for each of these new items is limited to about 20 and restocking before Christmas is unlikely given current delivery times. We plan to restock these items during 2022 as needed.  Please place your order as soon as possible for delivery before Christmas. We will do our best but cannot guarantee delivery in time for orders received after Dec. 10.    

The first is an embroidered cap featuring a Pileated Woodpecker logo created by noted artist and WSO Board member Tom Schultz along with our organization name. The new image has greater contrast with the cap color and is more visible than on the previous green cap with our Passenger Pigeon logo.

The caps we are offering now are khaki in color. Cap inventories are in tight supply right now, and so we are not yet  able to offer our preferred cap color, driftwood. We plan to make the driftwood color available if/when it again becomes an available option.

We also are pleased to offer the “Birds of Wisconsin” book (Stan Tekiela, 3rd edition, 2020). The 324-page book features 121 of Wisconsin’s more common species. Each has a two-page spread with photos on one side and descriptive text and distribution map on the facing page. This would make a great gift for a beginning birdwatcher! You can get a look inside the book at this Amazon link

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