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 The Passenger Pigeon Awards to be presented at the 77th annual Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Convention in Racine will recognize outstanding contributions to conservation science and education as well as long service to the society, including the staging of its annual convention. The honors will be presented at an awards ceremony at 7 p.m. Friday, May 13, at the Racine Architect Hotel... Read More   

This season’s warm weather has prompted many migrants to take flight earlier than usual. A few species, like Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, and Franklin’s Gull, have been reported this year at the earliest dates on record, and many species are running a few weeks ahead of schedule. If you’re eBirding, these early migrants might be wreaking havoc on your reporting. If your records... Read More   

As the heart of spring quickly approaches we longingly look forward to the return of the neotropical migrants. Many of us have been doing so for years -- trying to free up time in mid-May to get out and experience the color and variety of the wonderful birds that have been wisely down in the tropics since last fall. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and it reminds me how important it is... Read More   

This year marked a new and earlier start time- 7:00 AM- for this popular field trip. We had decided to try an earlier meeting time because in the past we had noted that many geese had flown out from the flooded fields where they had been present just an hour before- and the new starting time appeared to work well for that reason! There were about 40 enthusiastic birders present at the Goose... Read More   

On Sunday March 6, 42 people assembled at the Sheboygan Marina at about 8 AM, for WSO’s annual spring lakefront field trip. The weather was fairly pleasant but the moderate winds put a bite to the air. So hats, gloves and a heavy coat were in order. Within the Sheboygan Harbor and river channel we found 25 species. From the marina we had scope views of 2 Adult Great Black-backed Gulls and a... Read More   

Tell us a little about your background and how you first got involved in birding: I was born in the town of Valentine in the sandhills of Nebraska. My dad ran a hydro-electric power plant east of Valentine on the Niobrara River in the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was host to elk, bison, and Texas Longhorns, as well as antelope, deer, and prairie dogs. Local birds included Western... Read More   

To the uninitiated birder, urban birding may instantly bring up images of magestically soaring Rock Doves, humble House Sparrows, and the rare American Robin flitting through the concrete jungle. But even in Wisconsin's largest urban area it can be so much more! Did you know that Milwaukee County holds the highest eBird bird observation list (363 species) for any county in Wisconsin? How about... Read More   

The current global loss of biodiversity is well beyond the background rate of extinction, and we may be experiencing the sixth great mass extinction in geological history. There are six primary threats causing these declines in biodiversity: habitat loss, disease, overexploitation, pollution, climate change, and invasive species. Throughout Wisconsin's history, we have seen various forms of... Read More   

In 2016, all who value birds have a reason to celebrate. This year marks the Centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty, a compromise between nations hatched from the passion and engagement of citizens, politicians, and fledgling conservation groups across North America. Signed between the United Nations and Canada on Aug. 16, 1916, the Migratory Bird Treat established guidelines for protecting and... Read More   

It was quite a morning at the Buena Vista Grasslands.  With sunshine and calm winds, even an early morning temperature around zero didn’t feel too bad – but, best of all, every tree and plant was covered with a thick, white layer of hoar frost! Our group of about sixteen gathered along Hwy. W around 8:00 AM. We got off to a great start when a large flock of Greater Prairie-Chickens was... Read More