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Records Committee Members

Wisconsin’s Bird Records Committee was established in 1978 and is a standing committee of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology. The WSO Records Committee is comprised of five members, each of whom serve a 5-year term. A Chairperson is appointed by the committee to oversee and manage record submission, voting procedures, and the compilation and publication of results. Members may be elected to serve consecutive full terms by the committee. Anyone is eligible to become a records committee member if, in the estimation of the existing committee, that person has demonstrated an expert ability in and knowledge of field identification of birds and is a member in good standing of WSO.

Quentin Yoerger, Chairperson

Quentin has been a birder for more than 20 years. He is a member of the Madison Audubon Society and Ned Hollister Bird Club out of Beloit, and enjoys leading field trips for both organizations. He has been the WSO Records Committee Chair since 2013. Growing up on a farm in southern Wisconsin amongst a family of hunters and fishermen, Quentin was exposed to nature on a daily basis. In addition to bird watching, another one of his passions is coaching. He has coached high school Track and Field each spring and Cross Country each fall for 30+ years. Professionally he works in the information technology field. Quentin lives in Evansville with his exceptionally patient wife, Ann. Quentin and Ann have two adult children, Geoff and Zoe.

Tom Prestby

Tom is an original member of the Wisconsin eBird team and still reviews records from throughout the state. Tom served as the chair of the Training and Support Committee for WBBA II and reviews the Atlas data. His five years of intense Atlas field work and training observers have been the highlight of his birding career to this point. Tom lives in Green Bay and loves birding locally and taking occasional birding trips.

Jennifer Wenzel

Jenny Wenzel is an avid birder in Wisconsin and lives with her husband, David, in Racine county. She actively serves on the board of directors of the Hoy Audubon Society (since 2009) and recently finished a 10 year term with the WSO as secretary in 2022. She is an eBird reviewer for Racine county and was the Kenosha county coordinator for the recent Breeding Bird Atlas project. She and her husband David monitor a Bluebird trail in Racine and enjoy hiking, kayaking, gardening, cycling, and fishing among other outdoor activities.

Aaron Stutz

In addition to his work on the Records Committee, Aaron does a lot of behind the scenes work for Wisconsin eBird—reviewing records for over a dozen counties and working on filters for much of the state. In his free time Aaron birds somewhat obsessively around his home in Jefferson County.

Andrea Szymczak

Bio pending