Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Birding the Habitat Way The entire series of Birding the Habitat Way is published in the WSO Passenger Pigeon archives, which is available on-line at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.

Here are links to the articles in the series:

Wisconsin’s bird habitats: Introducing a new series. M.J. Mossman and P.M. Matthiae. 1988. v. 50:43-53. 
Birds of wet-mesic and wet prairies in Wisconsin. R.M. Hoffman and D.W. Sample. 1988. v. 50:143-152. 
Wisconsin wetlands of importance to migrant waterbirds. M.A. Martin. 1988. v. 50:213-220. 
Birds of southern Wisconsin floodplain forests. M.J. Mossman. 1988. v. 50:321-335. 
Birds of northern mesic forests. R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:97-110. 
Birds of dry-mesic and dry prairies in Wisconsin. D.W. Sample and R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:195-208. 
Birds of tall shrub communities: alder thickets and shrub-carr. R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:263-273. 
Birds of southern Wisconsin upland forests. M.J. Mossman and R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:343-358. 
Birds of Wisconsin sedge meadows. M.J. Mossman and D.W. Sample. 1990. v. 52:38-55. 
Birds of Wisconsin boreal forests. M.J. Mossman, E. Epstein and R.M. Hoffman. 1990. v. 52:153-168. 
Birds of Wisconsin’s deep marshes and shallow open-water communities. R.M. Hoffman. 1990. v. 52:259-272. 
Birds of northern Wisconsin pine forests. R.M. Hoffman and M.J. Mossman. 1990. v. 52:339-355. 
Birds of Wisconsin pine and oak barrens. M.J. Mossman, E. Epstein and R.M. Hoffman. 1991. v. 53:137-163. 
Birds of Wisconsin’s northern swamps and bogs. R.M. Hoffman and M.J. Mossman. 1993. v. 55:113-137. 
Birds of Wisconsin lake beaches and dunes. S.W. Matteson. 1996. v.58:335-413.