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Conservation – Birding the Habitat Way

Birding the Habitat Way The entire series of Birding the Habitat Way is published in the WSO Passenger Pigeon archives, which is available on-line at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.

Here are links to the articles in the series:

Wisconsin’s bird habitats: Introducing a new series. M.J. Mossman and P.M. Matthiae. 1988. v. 50:43-53.
Birds of wet-mesic and wet prairies in Wisconsin. R.M. Hoffman and D.W. Sample. 1988. v. 50:143-152.
Wisconsin wetlands of importance to migrant waterbirds. M.A. Martin. 1988. v. 50:213-220.
Birds of southern Wisconsin floodplain forests. M.J. Mossman. 1988. v. 50:321-335.
Birds of northern mesic forests. R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:97-110.
Birds of dry-mesic and dry prairies in Wisconsin. D.W. Sample and R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:195-208.
Birds of tall shrub communities: alder thickets and shrub-carr. R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:263-273.
Birds of southern Wisconsin upland forests. M.J. Mossman and R.M. Hoffman. 1989. v. 51:343-358.
Birds of Wisconsin sedge meadows. M.J. Mossman and D.W. Sample. 1990. v. 52:38-55.
Birds of Wisconsin boreal forests. M.J. Mossman, E. Epstein and R.M. Hoffman. 1990. v. 52:153-168.
Birds of Wisconsin’s deep marshes and shallow open-water communities. R.M. Hoffman. 1990. v. 52:259-272.
Birds of northern Wisconsin pine forests. R.M. Hoffman and M.J. Mossman. 1990. v. 52:339-355.
Birds of Wisconsin pine and oak barrens. M.J. Mossman, E. Epstein and R.M. Hoffman. 1991. v. 53:137-163.
Birds of Wisconsin’s northern swamps and bogs. R.M. Hoffman and M.J. Mossman. 1993. v. 55:113-137.
Birds of Wisconsin lake beaches and dunes. S.W. Matteson. 1996. v.58:335-413.