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Bird Identification

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds

This website contains great information on most North American species including pictures, video and songs/calls. Pick a species and get detailed information on nesting habits, behavior, and habitat.

USGS Dendroica Guide to Bird Identification

Improve your skills at identifying birds by sight or by sound. This is a great resource for many images and song recordings, through which you can easily and quickly navigate.

Merlin Bird ID App

This free app is designed to assist beginning and intermediate birders in bird identification. Answer 5 simple questions, and it will narrow down the choices for you.

Xeno-canto Bird Sounds

Perhaps the single best website for a large source of audio recordings to assist identification of birds by sound.

Bird Song Ear Training Guide

One of the best audio CD’s for learning bird songs. Many of the sounds were recorded right here in Wisconsin by our own John Feith.