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Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Biology and Ecology of Wisconsin Birds

Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Wisconsin

This book summarizes results of Wisconsin’s first breeding bird atlas conducted from 1995-2000 and is available from the WSO Bookstore.

Wisconsin Birdlife

Though sorely in need of an update, this is book remains the authority on status, distribution, and relative abundance of Wisconsin birds.

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative’s All-bird Conservation Plan

The plan synthesizes requirements and conservation issues of 116 priority bird species and provides recommendations for habitat protection, restoration, and management. Nesting dates and habitats are well-summarized.

Birds of North America Online

A comprehensive reference covering the life histories of North America’s breeding birds. Cornell is offering WBBA II participants a one-year subscription at a discounted rate of $25. This will work for new subscriptions, renewals, and gift subscriptions. To get the discount, enter the coupon code: WBBA2