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WSO Awards 2020

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It was quite a disappointment for all of us on the WSO board when we had to cancel our Annual Convention last May. We were hoping to hold a special gathering in the fall to recognize our Passenger Pigeon awardees, but by late August, as the number of COVID cases continued to rise, I knew there would be no special gathering, no pomp and circumstance. Not this year anyway.

With the awards still sitting in a box at my house, it was time for PLAN B. What you see on this on this page is PLAN B—the end result of a series of road trips to deliver Passenger Pigeon Awards to 13 very deserving people.

With my husband’s help, we traveled approximately 1500 miles and enjoyed the socially-distanced and appropriately masked outdoor presentations. I am also very grateful to the nominators. Most of them were able to participate in these very casual celebrations, and if they could not, they sent a video.

Please take a moment to view the photos and listen to the videos for yourself. Congratulations to all the 2020 Passenger Pigeon Awardees. We are so lucky to have such dedicated people working on behalf of birds! 

Bird on, 

Wendy Schultz, Awards Chair for the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology.

Golden Passenger Pigeon winners:

Presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of ornithology.


George Archibald
Nomination by Tom Schultz



Sumner Matteson
Nomination by Nancy Nabak



Silver Passenger Pigeon winner:

Presented to members of WSO for distinguished service to the Society.


Levi Wood
Nominations by Tom Schultz and Mary Korkor





Bronze Passenger Pigeon winners:

Presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their local communities or in the state to promote the field of ornithology. 


Ryan Brady
Nomination by Aaron Stutz




Michelle Voss
Nominations by Sumner Matteson, Dreux Watermolen, Caitlin Williamson






Noel J. Cutright Conservation Award winners:

Recognizes outstanding contributions to bird conservation in Wisconsin.


Gene Jacobs
Nomination by Carl Schwartz




John Jacobs
Nomination by Carl Schwartz




Mike Mossman
Nominations by Levi Wood, Sumner Matteson





Ken Lange
Nominations by Mike Mossman, Jeb Barzen, Sumner Matteson, Ann Calhoun







Samuel D. Robbins Lifetime Achievement Award:

Honors people who actively contribute to the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology above and beyond their having previously received the Silver Passenger Pigeon Award.


Bob Domagalski
Nomination by Mark Peterson




Special Recognition Award:

Recognizes the collective efforts of a far-reaching project or partnership that increases the public's awareness and appreciation for birds, their habitats or the need for conservation.


Project SOAR: Frank Ujazdowski, Erin Giese, Janet Wissink
Nomination by Carl Schwartz






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