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Tutorials and eBird Feature Stories

Data Entry Tutorials 

When to use the Atlas eBird Portal vs. the traditional Wisconsin eBird Portal

How to move a checklist from "regular" eBird to Atlas eBird

Atlas Data Entry 101: Incidental Observations

Atlas Data Entry 201: Complete Checklists

Atlas Data Entry 301: Understanding Breeding Codes & Timing

Atlas Data Entry 401: Location Precision


eBird and Atlas Tips

Tricks for Faster Data Entry

How to Atlas Using the Mobile App

Checklist Sharing

Adding Species to the Checklist

Summarizing a Day List

Hotspots vs. Block Lines

Entering Night Checklists

Don't Forget the Code When a Species is Flagged

Guide to the Species Distribution Maps

When is a Block Complete?

Introducing Breeding Chronology Plots

Explore Landcover Layers on the Interactive Map

The Code Reinterpretation Process


Guide to Nocturnal Atlasing

I - An Overview

II - A Detailed How-to

III - Tips for Target Species

IV - More Wisconsin Night Sounds


Tricky Coding: Understanding Atlas Breeding Codes

I - Early Season Coding

II - Be Careful About Coding These Species

III - Distraction Displays vs. Agitation vs. Territoriality

IV - Late Season Coding

Top 10 Atlas Coding Errors


Tips for Getting Breeding Confirmations

Top 10 Easy Confirmations

10 Quick Tips for Getting More Confirmations


Seasonal Stories

Early April - What's Breeding Now? Using the Bar Chart

Early August - Migrants Ahead!

Early September - Atlasing is Winding Down



Season 1 Preliminary Results

Season 2 Preliminary Results

Season 1 Point Count Preliminary Results


First-ever Nesting Records

Mississippi Kite


Atlaser Spotlights

Dan Belter

Lorri Howski

Pam Campbell

Nick Anich

Maia Persche

Daryl Christensen

Anne Geraghty

Jack Swelstad

Sarah Besadny

Joshua Cullum

Nancy Nabak

Don Nelson

Zoe Finney