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Atlas Results to Date

Infographic 2019 10.1.19 digital2 1024x768Final Season Results & Stats

Atlas data collection was completed at the end of the 2019 breeding season. More than 2,000 atlasers contributed to the completion of 1,283 priority and specialty blocks!

Species Maps

See where and what data has been entered for any species in the Atlas Portal. With this tool you can visualize the status of species in any part of the state.

Explore Blocks & Regions

See where and what data has been entered in any given Atlas block, and compare atlaser statistics.

The Atlas team is now finalizing the data set by conducting a thorough review of the 2.2 million records that were contributed. We have also begun detailed planning of the large-format, hardcover book that will serve as the project’s primary product and has a target publication date of 2024. In the meantime, species maps, block summaries, and other raw data will remain available in eBird as described above, although new data are no longer being accepted. To stay up to date on the latest Atlas happenings, sign up for our email updates or check the archives.