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Atlas Planning Team & Steering Committee

The Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II Planning Team is comprised of a variety of individuals, some that work professionally in conservation, and others that volunteer their time. Major contributing organizations include the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, and Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative.


Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II Steering Committee

Nicholas Anich, Wisconsin DNR Breeding Bird Atlas Coordinator, Steering Committee Chair
Owen Boyle, Wisconsin DNR Species Management Section Chief
Ryan Brady, Wisconsin DNR Research Scientist, Atlas Science Committee Chair
Florence Edwards-Miller, Atlas Communications Committee Chair
Karen Etter Hale, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
Kim Kreitinger, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology President
Charlie Luthin, Atlas Director of Development, Atlas Development Committee Chair
William Mueller, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory Director
Mike Reese, Atlas Director of Volunteers, Atlas Operations Committee Chair
Carl Schwartz, Bird City Wisconsin

Planning Team Members

Stephanie Beilke
Aaron Boone
Rick Burkman
Lisa Gaumnitz
Erin Gordon
Kim Grveles
Chuck Hagner
Tim Hahn
Ashley Hannah
Bob Howe
Scott Hull
Derek Johnson
Carly Lapin
Davin Lopez
Sumner Matteson
Matt Mendenhall
Mike Mossman
Tom Prestby
Christine Reel
Amber Roth
Bob Russell
Dave Sample
Amy Staffen
Rich Staffen
Yoyi Steele
Tim Vargo
Nick Walton
Ben Zuckerberg

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