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2019 Neediest Blocks 11 23 2018THE NEED: The dedicated efforts of more than 1,900 volunteers have brought us a long way toward completing the 5-year Breeding Bird Atlas since 2015, but with the final year of field work to go, we still have hundreds of blocks to complete. (See map).

WHAT THAT WILL TAKE: We need the time and skills of paid professional ornithologists to conduct breeding bird surveys for at least 20 hours in each unsurveyed or under-surveyed blocks (9 square-miles each). The field survey data collected by paid atlasers will be recorded on the custom-designed Wisconsin Atlas eBird site.


1) Adopt a “needy” block. With your financial support, we will assign an expert birder to survey one of the needy blocks and send the block description and results to you.

2) Adopt any block because its location is of interest or importance to you, for example an Atlas block you surveyed, a block where your home is located, a block in or near your community or a place important to you. The block can be anywhere in Wisconsin!

WHAT YOUR ADOPTION WILL COST: $600 per block — the cost to hire a professional ornithologist to survey the important, often hard-to-reach, blocks. You may pledge anytime and pay in one or two installments, but all payments must be received prior to November 1, 2019.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: Prominent recognition in all published and online forms of the second Atlas and personal satisfaction in helping complete the largest citizen science project in state history that will, in turn, shape conservation planning in Wisconsin over the next two decades.


Choose one of two easy ways to complete the adoption process:

  1. Download the PDF of the contribution form and mail in your information.
  2. Fill out the form below and pay via credit card or PayPal.

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