Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Each of the species listed below has been observed during the first four years of Atlas surveys and will be given coverage in the Breeding Bird Atlas publication that will follow the field work. The original 239 Wisconsin species on this list have all been sponsored. 

The sponsors of each species are acknowledged in the following table. All Tier 1 species ($10,000 level) and Tier 2 species ($5,000 level) are fully sponsored. Sponsorship levels are $2,500 for Tier 3, $1,000 for Tier 4 and $500 for Tier 5. 

Nine new species were added to the Sponsor-a-Species list in fall 2018 based on observations of these species over the past several years. Those species are Eared Grebe and American Three- toed Woodpecker (Tier 3, $2,500); Lesser Scaup, White-winged Dove and Chuck-will's-widow (Tier 4, $1,000); and Western Grebe, Great Black-backed Gull, Bay-breasted Warbler and Rusty Blackbird (Tier 5, $500). Please locate those species in the table below to see if they are still available for sponsorship! 

We are grateful to our many sponsors for supporting the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas!

Where to go next?

To find a species or donor, click Ctrl-F and then type a portion of a name or word you are searching for. For example typing "paul" will jump to donors named paul. Typing "rob" will jump to a donor named rob or to the American Robin.