Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Below is a list of all bird species that will be covered by the Breeding Bird Atlas. Every species can be sponsored. Although several people may sponsor a species for one or more years, only a 5-year commitment will be considered an "exclusive" sponsorship, and that person's name will be recorded on the species page in the Atlas as the sponsor. As species are sponsored, we will update this list to reflect the years for which species are sponsored, and by whom. If the sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, it is indicated on this list.

Note: Sponsorships will not be recorded automatically after a species is sponsored. The list is updated manually every several days. Check back regularly to see which species are being sponsored!

Where to go next?

To find a species or donor, click Ctrl-F and then type a portion of a name or word you are searching for. For example typing "paul" will jump to donors named paul. Typing "rob" will jump to a donor named rob or to the American Robin.