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3 years 4 months ago #392 by mcullen
mcullen created the topic: TUVU
Hi. I've been watching a pair of Turkey Vultures that don't appear to be straying too far from our oak woods/bog. I have been observing them for 2 weeks (I can see them every day as they are on our property). Obviously, I don't know if they are the same birds. What behaviour should I be looking out for in the next month if they remain? I have Peterson's nest guide, so that gives me an idea of what to look for (fascinating book; I've learned a lot just by paging through it). Wish I could spend all day looking for breeding birds! It's like solving one mystery after another. :-)

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3 years 4 months ago #393 by Nick_Anich
Nick_Anich replied the topic: TUVU
Turkey Vultures are unusual in that there are a lot of them around but it is very hard to confirm them as nesters. A lot of the nests we've heard about have been in barns or in abandoned buildings. Other nests have been on rocky cliff sites. It's fairly early in the year I think, so maybe too early to code anything right now. If they continue to hang around a suspicious nest site, you could give them an N. This is a tough species to get to higher codes, so I guess watch and wait and see what happens! It's also possible as you note, that these may not even be the same birds, maybe you are along a migration corridor and birds frequently stop there but they are different individuals. Good luck!

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