Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

We have witnessed horrific, unacceptable, unkind, unbelievable racial injustices in recent weeks and months. Tragically, some people are far more impacted than others. In the shadow of the murder of George Floyd came the video of black birder Christian Cooper peacefully and rightfully asking a woman to leash her dog in Central Park. The outrageous and racist actions of the white woman drove home... Read More   

By Mark Korducki Where to start !?! It was a month to remember for Wisconsin birders The amazing April run of rarities continued throughout May.  It was hard to pick a headliner with so many rare birds around.  A Black-throated Gray Warbler was found along the Menominee River in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee County) early in the month and stayed for three days.  This allowed many birders... Read More   

  As many of you are aware, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has blocked the extension of Gov. Evers' "Safer at Home" order with immediate effect as of May 13. Following this, several local county and city officials began implementing a patchwork of restrictions of their own. It is not the WSO's intention to attempt to interpret the various orders in effect across the state but rather to provide... Read More   

For birders, one way to get through this period of pandemic is to spend time outdoors enjoying birds. Just remember to keep health and safety your top priorities. Follow the recommendations of your local health authorities at all times, even if it means staying at home and focusing on your yard or garden list instead. If you do go out birding, please take precautions to ensure the well-being of... Read More   

During this Covid-19 pandemic, one interesting fact has emerged. People need natural spaces as much as wildlife. We may not recognize that fact in our “normal” lives, but based on the urgent need to get outside, exercise and seek solace people have visited parks in huge numbers. WSO’s membership has understood this need to protect and provide wild and natural space, not just for the birds,... Read More   

Extraordinary times present not only unique challenges but also some unique opportunities.  Elections for WSO’s leadership normally occur at our Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with our annual convention. COVID-19 has forced WSO’s Board of Directors to manage our affairs in new ways. We were one of the first statewide organizations to recognize the need to protect our members and... Read More   

  By Mark Korducki March came in like a lamb with sunny temperatures and highs in the 50s. The month was pleasant overall with little snow and several mild days that ushered in a good wave of early spring migrants. The most unusual sighting was that of a Gray-crowned Rosy Finch that visited a feeder in Dodge County. The visit was very brief, but the sighting was documented by excellent... Read More   

  We can all make a difference for birds and other wildlife by completing the Spring Conservation Congress online survey available on April 13-16 found at this link. There are a series of natural resources advisory questions, including ones pertaining to hunting, fishing, trapping, and boating safety. See page 12 of the questionnaire booklet to see background on these... Read More   

Updated COVID-19 Birding Guidance from WSO The coronavirus crisis may make 2020 the absolute right time for all of us to plan on conducting our own Big Green Birding Year or learning how to set up on your own “patch” on eBird. Considering recent developments, WSO is toughening its guidance for those who are wondering whether they are still able to get out and bird-watch amid the COVID-19... Read More   

By Wendy Schultz (WSO Awards Committee Chair) One of WSO’s crown jewels is our annual recognition of outstanding individuals and organizations that have done amazing work on behalf of birds. Whether furthering the advancement of bird conservation, promoting the field of ornithology or contributing time or talent to the society itself, every January the Board of Directors selects from a list of... Read More