Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

-By Michael John Jaeger, Editor, The Passenger Pigeon-  I was looking back into Volume 1 of The Passenger Pigeon to see what I might find about the beginnings of WSO. One curious thing was that four monthly issues of the Pigeon were published before WSO’s formal start in May 1939. In the January issue, it was noted that the Madison Bird Club had in mind a statewide bird club. The... Read More   

-By Myles Hurlburt, WSO President-  This year’s WSO field trip to the George W. Mead State Wildlife Area was held on Saturday April 13. Of course we had just received 13+ inches of snow on the Thursday before. I did not move the date as I did last year. With the cold and snow hanging on so late, I was concerned what the weather might be like, but overall it ended up being an okay day... Read More   

-By Bob Domagalski-  In 2018 three new species were added to the state list: Tufted Duck, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Hammond’s Flycatcher. Also, there was an accidental species, the Clark’s Nutcracker, last found in Wisconsin back on Jan. 13, 1973, in Manitowoc County by Darwin Tiede. Photo by Justin Streit. The Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was first picked out of a crowd of... Read More   

For the first time ever the Raptor Education Group, Inc., in Antigo has been called on to care for a Greater Prairie-Chicken, a state of Wisconsin threatened species. The bird was hit by a vehicle and suffered serious injuries including internal bleeding. She was in extremely critical condition when REGI volunteer Kathy Esqueda transported her to the Antigo wildlife rehabilitation center and... Read More   

-By Wendy Schultz, WSO Awards Committee Chair-  The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology faced a daunting challenge this year in reviewing a stream of nominations for its Passenger Pigeon Awards recognizing individuals and organizations for outstanding achievements in advancing bird conservation, promoting the field of ornithology and contributing to the Society. The Board of Directors... Read More   

Kari Hagenow Conservation Committee Chair Wisconsin Society for Ornithology March 18, 2019 RE: Wisconsin Conservation Congress Spring Hearings Dear WSO Members and Friends: My name is Kari Hagenow. I recently accepted the position of Conservation Committee Chair on the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Board. Professionally, I work for a non-profit organization, The Nature Conservancy, out... Read More   

-Written By Tom Schultz (WSO Field Trips Co-Chair)-  The morning was fabulous, with clear skies, light winds, and a starting temperature around 27 degrees as our group gathered at Goose Pond on March 23 – which was our 2nd possible date for this trip. The ponds there were still frozen, although there was a bit of open water on the north side. Due to that factor, we and the 25-30 attendees... Read More   

Written by Jeff Baughman On Sunday, March 10, about 20 people assembled at the Sheboygan Marina at about 8 AM, for WSO’s annual spring lakefront field trip. We were happy to have seven members of Wisconsin’s Young Birders group and their chaperones participating, too. The weather was chilly but a gusty west winds put a bite to the air – so hats, gloves and a heavy coat were in order. Most... Read More   

-By Wendy Schultz, WSO BIGBY Birding Coordinator-  WSO would like to congratulate all the BIGBY birders of the state — for the many miles they put on their bikes and feet, and for the birds they found, photographed and eBirded. They can be proud of their accomplishments. Here are the 2018 Champion BIGBY birders and their stories: FIRST PLACE goes to Emily Weiser of Onalaska in La... Read More   

-By Diane Packett, Great Wisconsin Birdathon Coordinator-  Preparations are underway for the Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2019. Now in its eighth year, the Birdathon is the primary fundraiser for the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin’s Bird Protection Fund, which has raised more than $1 million for bird protection and research since 2008.      Funds... Read More