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WSO is in the process of upgrading to a web-based membership software system. Why should we upgrade, you might ask? The new system, known as Wild Apricot, allows us to integrate membership, development, communications and event management in a single database. Currently, we have four different excel spreadsheets for each of these items. It also provides more data security because of automated backups rather than relying on the user to remember. Finally, it will allow more flexibility to our members to join or renew online, update their own contact information, view a membership directory and read publications online.

That’s right, this software will allow us to provide an online version of our Passenger Pigeon journal for those that no longer wish to receive a print version!

Another great bonus of this system is its ability to track renewal dates and send automated renewal messages. This means that we will be able to transition to a 365-day renewal rather than the current calendar year-based system. If you join in June, you won’t be required to renew until the following June.

In the coming months, we will be testing this system and incorporating the new membership payment levels, which are as follows:

SENIOR: $25 (no Passenger Pigeon journal)

We will also be sending out an email soon that contains login instructions. Stay tuned!

We would like to have a few members help us test the system before we bring it out to the entire membership. If you have previous experience at testing software systems and are willing to spend several hours for testing, please let us know at:

Kim Kreitinger, Membership Chair