Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Back in 2010, Tim Vargo, manager of research and citizen science at Milwaukee’s Urban Ecology Center, issued a challenge to UEC members to see who could find the most species of birds within walking/biking/canoeing/kayaking distance of their home. Tim received an enthusiastic response from Southeastern Wisconsin birders and teamed up with Owen Boyle, species management section chief with... Read More   

In many ways, Project SNOWStorm was born in Wisconsin; not in 2013-‘14, but in the winter of 1960-‘61. That winter, there was a similar irruption of Snowy Owls into Wisconsin that inspired Fran Hamerstrom, then president of WSO, and a group of adventuresome raptor banders to conduct “Operation Snowy Owl.” That was the first coordinated effort to study the winter irruption and subsequent... Read More   

Bird TV: New WSO Web site offers free videos to teach viewers about birds There are many ways to learn more about the some 400 bird species that occur in Wisconsin, and WSO has compiled many of these resources on our website. Central to our Learn About Birds section is Bird TV. That’s short for “Bird Teaching Video,” a set of web-based educational resources written and produced in... Read More   
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