Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.


What is The Great Wisconsin Oriole Count?

This project aims to engage youth in observing and learning about the Baltimore Oriole - a colorful ambassador for birds that summer in Wisconsin and winter in Central and South America. These bright orange and black birds are easily attracted to feeders full of grape jelly and/or oranges and they're easily identified by even the most novice of birders. Their bright colors, bold personalities, and easy-to-observe behaviors make these birds the perfect citizen science project for birders of all ages.

Watch Orioles, Win Great Prizes!

Baltimore Orioles are found throughout Wisconsin during the spring and summer. The orange and black birds are one of the most easily identifiable spring migrants that arrive here in early May and frequent a wide variety of habitats -- including feeders offering fruit and jelly. Partners in Flight estimates there are as many as 470,000 in Wisconsin each year, or 4% of the global population.

Your school, 4-H group, or Scout Troop can win great prizes just by watching orioles - a bird that is easy to see if you provide them with food, even in urban areas. The first six groups to register for the Oriole Count will receive a free oriole feeder. All participants will be entered into a drawing for a pair of binoculars donated by our friends at Eagle Optics and birding field guides.

How Do We Attract Orioles to our Feeder?

Simply set out oranges and grape jelly, and orioles will come -- even in urban settings. "The secret is to use color and keep the oranges fresh!" says experienced birder Barbara Schwartz.


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