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Linwood Springs - Stevens Point - Saw-whet Owls

Meet at 7:30 p.m.
Join WSO for an evening at the Linwood Springs Research Station in Stevens Point and have a close encounter with Wisconsin's smallest owl, the adorable Northern Saw-whet! You'll learn about and observe the owls capture through infrared video surveillance, then enjoy a walk out to the nets. You'll get to see the owls up-close while we make notes and band them. You might even see a Long-eared Owl, too! There will also be a presentation on Project SNOWstorm that highlights the Wisconsin owls. The field trip will be led by WSO Field Trip co-chairs Jeff Baughman and Tom Schultz, and raptor biologist Gene Jacobs. A $15 registration fee is required for this trip and registration is limited to 28 people.
When: Sat October 25 7:30 PM

Support conservation by buying a Federal Duck Stamp from WSO

WSO is taking orders for 2013-2014 Duck Stamps.

Buying a Duck Stamp is one of the easiest ways for birders and others who enjoy wildlife to protect habitat. Since 1934, Duck Stamp sales have raised over $800 million, which has been used to purchase or lease more than six million acres of wetlands habitat. In this outstanding program, ninety-eight cents of every sales dollar go directly to purchase or lease wetlands, specifically targeting vital breeding habitat within the national wildlife refuge system.2013-2014 FederalDuckstampwinner165

The refuge system, consisting of some 550 refuges and numerous smaller areas for waterfowl, encompasses 95 million acres distributed among every state in the country. The entire refuge system comprises just 4% of the total land area of the United States, but it could be argued that it does more to protect birds, especially those that inhabit wetlands, than any other set of landholdings in the country.

WSO is proud to support this program by selling the stamps (formally known as Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps). Since its beginning five years ago, WSO’s Federal Duck Stamp program has raised nearly $6,000 for habitat conservation. Wisconsin natural areas funded in part by Federal Duck Stamp sales include Horicon, Necedah, and Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuges, and Waterfowl Production Areas managed by the Leopold and the St. Croix Wetland Management Districts.

Hunters over the age of 16 must purchase a Federal Duck Stamp each year if they want to hunt migratory waterfowl. Besides serving as a hunting license and a conservation tool, a current year’s Federal Duck Stamp also serves as an entrance pass for national wildlife refuges where admission is charged.

When you buy a stamp for $15 from WSO, the entire $15 is sent to the Federal Duck Stamp program. In addition to stamps, WSO offers reusable plastic key-chain-type holders. You can purchase stamps and holders, just stamps, or just holders.

For more information and for an order form, click here.